A resource to support good mental health and wellbeing for the people of Qatar
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Being healthy does not just mean looking after our physical health; it is just as important to take care of our mind. When we feel good in both mind and body, we feel happier, more positive and are able to enjoy our lives fully. 
Mental health describes our mental state – how we are feeling, what we are thinking, how we get on with others and how well we can cope with the stresses of everyday life. 
Sometimes, we may think about our wellbeing in terms of our wealth, what we own or our physical health. However, evidence shows that what we do and the way we think have the biggest impact on our wellbeing. Good mental wellbeing arises from connecting with others and our sense that we can make a positive contribution to our community.      
“​I think the most beautiful thing in life is when one has a good mental health” 
People with good mental health and wellbeing: 
  • Feel and express both positive and negative emotions​
  • Learn ways to cope with stress and manage it 
  • Maintain a positive view most of the time
  • Have good self-esteem and feel relatively confident
  • Work productively
  • Have good self-efficacy and personal acceptance
  • Engage with the world around them
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with others​​   
​“You are h​appy, optimistic and you want to enjoy life…your brain is sharp and you are motivated”

Everyone can make simple changes to their life to take better care of their mental health and wellbeing, including: 

  • Maintaining a balanced diet and keeping active 
  • Maintaining strong relationships with family and friends and spending quality time with them
  • Practicing good sleeping habits
  • Learning ways to maintain a positive attitude
  • Continuing to learn new skills
  • Making time for activities ​they enjoy and taking regular breaks
  • Talking about their feelings with someone they trust
  • Learning relaxation or breathing exercises to de-stress
  • Learning to recognize the early signs of mental health conditions​​
What affects our Mental Health?
We all have times when we feel sad, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed or irritable and find it difficult to cope. Sometimes, there is no clear reason why we go through a difficult time with our mental health. 
However, there are some risk factors that may make someone more vulnerable to their mental health being negatively affected including:​ 
  • Chronic physical illness or serious injury
  • Exposure to regular stress
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices and environments ​
  • A traumatic or challenging life event
  • Genetic factors
  • Hormonal changes, including for women during pregnancy or after the child birth
  • Isolation or relationship difficulties
  • Stress related with work or education
  • Bullying at work or school
  • Previous mental health issues
  • Lack of social support
  • Addiction tendencies or misuse of substances including tobacco and prescription drugs​​ 
​​​​​​Even when we try to maintain a healthy lifestyles and have good tools to maintain wellbeing, feelings of sadness, worry and stress may persist and make daily life challenging. When we experience several symptoms at the same time or for a prolonged period, with negatively affect our life, then it could be the early signs of a mental health condition. ​

“I was not ​enjoying my life to the fullest…I had many things in my life but I wasn’t happy…” 
“There are lots of people​ who don’t notice the symptoms and thus it makes it worse” 
Reco​gnizing th​e early signs of mental health conditions ​and seeking professional help and support as early as possible will ensure the greatest chance of recovery.