A resource to support good mental health and wellbeing for the people of Qatar
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Where to Get Help

If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, experiencing emotional distress or mental health issues, the most important first step is to talk to someone.


Trained professionals, services and support for mental health are available in Qatar. 


Whether a person is experiencing symptoms for the first time, has had repeated episodes or needs additional support for a diagnosed condition – help is available and seeking support early ensures the greatest chance of recovery.

Crisis Situations: What to do in an emergency

If you, or someone you care about, is experiencing a mental health crisis, please immediately go to the Accident and Emergency department of the local hospital or call emergency services on 999. Do not be alone or leave the person alone. 

A Mental health crisis is when a person feels at breaking point or when life is in danger. For example, the person might be experiencing:


  • Current or recent suicidal thoughts.
  • Self-harming or risky behavior.
  • Feeling desperate, hopeless or like they are burden to others.
  • Extreme anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Symptoms of psychotic or manic episodes (such as delusions, hallucinations, paranoia or hearing voices).
  • Any behavior that feels out of control and is likely to endanger the person or others.


Everyone experiences a crisis in their own way. They might feel that their mental health has been steadily deteriorating for some time, or perhaps something has happened in their life that has affected their stability. The person may have already been diagnosed with a mental health condition or might be going through symptoms for the first time which they do not fully understand. Whatever the situation, if the person feels unable to cope, or to keep themselves safe, it is important to seek urgent help.


Finding mental health services in Qatar

There are many services, organisations and professionals that offer help and support to people experiencing mental health issues in Qatar. For general information of types of treatment and support, and the professionals that work in mental health, see (Types of Treatment and Support).

For mild to moderate conditions, the first step is to access the mental health services offered by trained family physicians in Primary Health Care Centres across Qatar.

Click here for a full listing of mental health services available in Qatar.

Self-Care – Staying well and managing recovery 

See Wellbeing and Recovery sections of this website for information on a range of things people can do to improve their mental health and manage symptoms or challenging times at any time.​​


Recognizing the early signs of mental health conditions ​and seeking professional help and support as early as possible will ensure the greatest chance of recovery. ​​​​