A resource to support good mental health and wellbeing for the people of Qatar
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Services in Qatar

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mental Health Services in Qatar

If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, experiencing emotional distress or mental health issues, the most important first step is to talk to someone.


Trained professionals, services and support for mental health are available in Qatar. ​​​​


Whether a person is experiencing symptoms for the first time, has had repeated episodes or needs additional support for a diagnosed condition – help is available and seeking support early ensures the greatest chance of recovery.

Hamad Medical Corporation Mental Health Service​​​ 


The HMC Mental Health Service provides a range of, largely, centralized services for people with mental health problems and/or mental illness. It currently provides an inpatient and outpatient service which is also supported by a number of community based services. These include:​

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service – this is a specialized multi-disciplinary service for children and young people up to the age of 18, which offers a broad range of services to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. The service offers assessment and treatment of a wide range of child and adolescent mental health problems including complex cases. Additionally it undertakes consultation and liaison work with other agencies.
  • Adult Mental Health Service – provides a range of inpatient hospital care and outpatient follow up services. The service caters to both men and women over the age of 18 for a variety of mental health conditions, ranging from moderate to severe. The service is operated by a multi-disciplinary team which works together to assess, diagnose and treat a range of mental health conditions.
  • Adult Community Mental Health Service - provides support, rehabilitation and residential services for adults in a community setting (and in a person's home), as an enhanced alternative to being treated in a hospital setting.​ 
  • Older Adult Mental Health Service - caters to people over the age of 65 who suffer with mental health. The older adult team provides a variety of hospital and community-based services to address the mental health needs of older adults through assessment, counseling, education, therapy, and liaison with geriatric medicine homecare services at Rumailah hospital. A home outreach service is also offered to ensure that patients get the care they need inside and outside of the hospital setting.
  • Consultation and Liaison Service (C.L) is a service for patients who require mental health treatment alongside being treated by other medical or surgical specialties. The Consultation and Liaison team are therefore based at multiple sites throughout HMC.
  • Substance Misuse Mental Health Service - offers treatment and support to people experiencing issues with alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Women's Mental Health Service – providing referral to Sidra. HMC and PHCC are working together to develop perinatal services in the near future.
  • Forensic Mental Health – provides assessment and treatment services to people who have interacted with the court system and police. As demand in this area increases, planning is underway to further develop the capacity to deliver a comprehensive forensic mental health service.
  • Crisis Service - Plans for access to Adult Mental Health Intervention Crisis Services are currently scheduled for 2019.  
Referral Process:  
There are a number of ways that you can access the HMC's Mental Health service. ​
  • Via referral from any hospital, private doctor, primary healthcare doctor, counselor or other accredited healthcare professional. An appointment is usually provided within two weeks of referral.
  • In times of emergency, it is possible to receive immediate referral via an HMC Emergency Department.
  • If you feel you are in need of immediate help and require an ambulance you should call 999 – informing the emergency services of your situation. Ensure you have details of your location.
  • Children and adolescents can be referred into rele​vant services by a doctor, counselor or school representative.
  • Additionally, we have home healthcare options for patients who cannot attend an appointment on the premises due to medical reasons – this service is for adults and older adult patients. The doctor who refers you into the psychiatry service can specify this request upon referral.​

Primary Health Care Corporation​​ 


Primary Healthcare Corporation (PHCC) provides access to non-urgent mental health services to people with mild to moderate common mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. All physicians have been trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions. Services include early identification through assessments, treatment of common mental health conditions and onward referral to primary care psychology or secondary care mental health services. Primary care psychology is a regional service provided by psychologists and social workers and is available to adults registered across all health centers in Qatar.


Primary care psychological therapies (commonly known as Support Clinics) are established at Leabaib, Rawdat AlKhail, Al Thumamaand Al Wajbah health centers. Patients can be referred to Support Clinic via their physician.


PHCC also provides advice and information on health promotion/education and access to wellness facilities.


Referral Process: 


No referral is required to access mental health services in PHCC. Patients can access mental health services through an appointment with a physician in any of the health centers. 


Location and Hours of Operation:


For more information about operating hours in all health centers please visit - www.phcc.qa



Sidra Medicine


The Department of Psychiatry at Sidra Medicine provides child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS) and perinatal mental health services to the children and families in Qatar and the region. Their mission is to improve the quality of mental health services in Qatar by putting children, adolescents, women and their families at the center of their care. This care will be delivered by a team of multi-disciplinary clinical staff who will provide evidence based treatment and interventions. Services are available in the outpatient clinic, pediatric emergency setting or within the hospital setting as part of psychiatry's consultation liaison service for existing in-patients within Sidra Medicine. 


  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services


Treatment is provided to children and adolescents from 5 to 17 years of age who have serious emotional disturbance. The target group includes young people with a diagnosable psychiatric disorder whose condition is detrimental to their growth or development and /or who have serious difficulties in their social group, school or family. If appropriate, the child will be referred out to other paraprofessionals such as speech, occupational, physical therapists and social workers.


Services include comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, individual therapy, family therapy, medication management and follow-up visits. 



  • Eating disorders
  • Known substance abuse problems
  • Refer under 5 years old for suspected mental health issues to Sidra Medicine's General Pediatrics per their criteria
  • Refer under 5 years old for suspected or known Autism, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, to Sidra Medicine's Developmental Medicine per their criteria


For further information please visit their website:



  • Perinatal Mental Health Services Mental Health Services


​Perinatal Mental Health Services provide and advocate for services for women during pregnancy and the postpartum period with a focus on treatment, prevention and promotion of emotional wellbeing. The care provided will be holistic, culturally sensitive and person centered.​ 


The perinatal mental health service “Women's Wellbeing Clinic" is co-located with obstetric outpatient services on and the perinatal mental health team are able to provide consultation and liaison to inpatients of Women's Services in the main hospital.


Given that perinatal mental health includes attention to the mental health and wellbeing of infants, the team also is able to provide consultation and liaison to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and families and babies with mental health concerns in the paediatric wards.


Known Diagnosis:​

  • Have comorbid mental health difficulties
  • Have clinically significant distress associated with their obstetric presentations.
  • Depressive disorders including antepartum and postpartum depression.
  • ​Anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, perinatal obsessive compulsive d​isorder and phobias impacting on obstetric care :​ acute and chronic post - traumatic stress disorder.
  • Adjustment disorder; complicated grief reactions following perinatal loss.
  • ​Attachment and bonding issues.
  • Preconception assessment and counselling for
  • Women requiring emergency psychiatric management
  • Women whose baby is older than 12 months​


For further information please visit their website: 



Referral Process: 




The Sidra Outpatient Clinic will provide specialized healthcare to children and adolescents after they have been referred by their primary or secondary healthcare practitioners, school counselors and psychologists. Referrals will be triaged based on the severity of condition. Sidra Medicine accepts electronic and paper referrals. Providers with information systems interoperable to that of Sidra Medicine can refer electronically, and this is the quickest referral pathway. Incomplete referrals may not be able to be accepted and may delay patient treatment due as further information may be requested from the referrer. The process for referrals can be found in the link below:



The referral pathway is summarized below. Following receipt of the referral, the patient is contacted by the triage nurse who arranges appointments as clinically indicated.​​



Based in Doha, Naufar is a groundbreaking new sanctuary for wellness and the treatment of substance use and related behavioral disorders. 

Naufar is a purpose-built facility that includes 127 residential rooms together with clinics and over 50 individual and group treatment/therapy rooms. Care is provided by experts in mental health, physical health, occupational health and addiction. Medically-led multidisciplinary teams address the neurobiological basis of addiction, the patients' relationship with their family, their work, as well as common areas of concern in addiction including chronic pain, depression, anxiety and trauma. Naufar offers residential and non-residential programs, assessment services, individualized treatment, and community awareness programs.​


Wellness and hospitality are intricately integrated with the provision of care which is designed to attract, engage and retain patients. A key objective of hospitality is to cultivate a stimulating environment that supports wellbeing and motivation to change and grow. Wellness addresses the whole person, on an emotional, physical, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, financial and environmental basis. Wellness serves to unify the process of care offered by Naufar in addition to assessing the quality of such services. Naufar's patient-centered model is informed by a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment of the individual's own immediate supportive care requirements, along with their short and long-term goals and aspirations. The patient's care journey is continually directed towards health and ever-evolving wellness. 

Naufar operates under the auspices of the Qatar Ministry of Public Health. ​ 


For more information contact procurement@naufar.com


Private Sector​​ 


There are range of other private facilities available in Qatar which offer Mental Health related support and services. To ensure quality of care, people are encouraged to check and make sure these professionals and services are registered and regulated. To obtain more information please visit SearchPractitionersPage​


​Recognizing the early signs of mental health conditions ​and seeking professional help and support as early as possible will ensure the greatest chance of recovery. ​​​​​