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For Patients On Their Rights

The Patients' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities was launched in 2015 by Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) www.qchp.org.qa

The Patients' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities was developed by the Fitness to Practice Department at the QCHP:

  • To help patients feel more confident in the Qatar health care system
  • To stress the importance of a strong relationship between patients and their health care providers.
  • To emphasize the key role patients play in staying healthy by laying out rights and responsibilities for all patients and health care providers.


The bill gives the ownership to patients for ensuring high quality healthcare service by knowing their rights and responsibilities. For example, the bill gives people living in Qatar the right to:

  • Have access to health care services within a safe and secure environment and be treated with respect
  • Privacy and confidentiality of their data and medical records
  • Access to information about their health condition 
  • Take part in making decisions about the treatment process
  • Lodge complaints officially against health care facilities if they are not satisfied with the services they have received
  • Choose their surgery, unless there are reasonable grounds to refuse, for example if they live outside the area that the surgery covers


The bill also underlined patients' responsibility and those accompanying them, to:

  • Share all relevant information with the health care provider or practitioner about their health condition and follow the prescribed treatment process to get the expected results
  • Respect health care providers and their employees, other patients and public properties.
  • Abide by the law and follow the procedures and instructions related to safety
  • Fulfill all financial liabilities related to their care in a timely manner
  • Attend their appointment on time and if they cannot show up, they must inform the providers in advance


For more information, please see Patients' Bill of Rights and download the booklets below:


Making a Complaint 

The Occupational Competency Department at QCHP deals with complaints about the professional conduct, competence or fitness to practice of health practitioners including:

  • Poor standards of clinical care
  • Unethical conduct or behavior
  • Practicing without a license
  • Concerns about a practitioner's physical or mental health which could affect their practice.


If you are not happy with any aspect of health care treatment you have received, please follow the complaints process outlined at: 



“Everything you say is confidential… this is the most important thing… ​the doctor is like any other doctor… they’re not here to evaluate you, but to treat you…”​​​